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Holiday/New Year Events in McKinney TX

The holidays are a wonderful time to invite family and friends to your new home in McKinney, TX. If you have overnight guests, there are a few easy things you can do to make them feel right at home. First, make sure that the guest room is comfortable and inviting. Get rid of any clutter, but keep useful things, such as a clock and calendar.

A great accessory to have on hand is a luggage stand. They’re easy to store when not in use, but oh, so helpful for your guests. It’s no fun stooping over a suitcase to get out a pair of socks! If you don’t have a stand, use a small table or bench instead. Clear some space in a couple of drawers, make room in the closet, or buy an over-the-door hook to accommodate hanging clothes. Make sure you include a supply of hangers too.

Another nice touch is to add some decorative accessories to the guest bathroom, such as a holiday themed tissue box, soaps or a vase of silk or real flowers. Remember to get rid of anything from the bath and guest room in your new home in McKinney, TX that you would not find in a fine hotel. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

One way to make your guests’ visit memorable is to invite them to participate in holiday events in the area. A popular treat for young and old to visit is the Holiday Trail of Lights at the Heard Natural Science Museum in McKinney. Ever year, the half mile Heard nature trail is transformed into a twinkling wonderland, with thousands of holiday decorations and lights – many synchronized to holiday music.

Another way to create special holiday memories for family and friends is to host a dinner party.  You can make it formal – with seating around your dining room table – or keep it casual with a buffet. Just don’t try to do everything yourself! If you get overstressed, no one will be happy, especially your guests. Encourage family and friends to get involved with decorations or meal preparation so they feel more at home.

The holidays will be extra special when you purchase a new home in McKinney, TX from Landon Homes. For more than two decades, the “Landon” name has been synonymous with uncompromising quality, commitment to customer satisfaction, cutting-edge designs and exemplary value. Visit the website to learn about the beautiful, energy efficient homes that are available for quick move-in right now.

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