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Healthy Living with Landon Homes

If you read our blog regularly, you’re probably aware of the many reasons buyers love our Frisco new homes. But did you know that new homes can be healthier for you and your family?

Our new homes are built with modern materials and energy-efficient systems that help make the environment inside your home cleaner and safer than an old home.

We use Honeywell F100 Media Filters in the HVAC system to make sure the air inside your home is as clean as it can be. The filters remove dust, pet dander, lint, mites and more. This is great for everyone, and especially for people with allergies.

Another way we keep the air in our homes healthier for you is by using Sherwin-Williams paint. It’s formulated with very low VOC, meaning it doesn’t emit harmful fumes. The paint also has antimicrobial properties to fight bacteria and mildew.

The high-efficiency AC system in each Landon home is designed to keep the living spaces cooler and more comfortable. You’ve probably noticed how much better and more energetic you feel in conditioned air versus humid air, especially in the height of summer.

Insulation in the attic, ceilings and walls will keep that cool air inside your home and form a barrier to the hot outside air. It also makes your AC system more economical to operate. Low-E UV-blocking windows also help cool your home by keeping out most of the sun’s UV rays.

We also install tankless water heaters in our new homes. They provide hot water faster than traditional tanks, and use less energy to heat it. They also last longer and take up less space, giving you more room to enjoy your home.

At Landon Homes, we focus on building high-quality homes that you and your family will love for years to come. We have building lots available or coming soon in communities in and around Frisco, Argyle, Copper Canyon and Rowlett. Take a look at our communities page to find out more!

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