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Fun Apps to Help with Spring Gardening or Landscaping

One of the projects a homeowner typically takes on during the spring is planting a garden or updating their landscaping. If you have a smart phone, you’ll find the job a little easier thanks to the following apps:

Gardening Guide from Mother Earth News (Free on iPhone & on Android as Garden Guide) – This app from America’s leading organic gardening magazine provide excellent help, especially for vegetable gardeners. Features expert advice on pest control, tutorials on how to grow about 20 different types of crops, like carrots and tomatoes, and illustrations to make your gardening project easier to accomplish.

Landscaper’s Companion ($6 on iPad and iPhone, $5 on Android) – If you are buying one of the new homes in Frisco, the Landscaper’s Companion will come in handy as a resource for determining what flowers and plants to install in your yard. This encyclopedia-style app lists more than 20,000 plants and vegetables, with information on the plant’s zone, growth rate, water and sun requirements, color and typical height and width. You can narrow search criteria to specify the zone, height and color of a plant, among other features.

Gardening How-To (Free on iPad and Android) – The iPad version of the national gardener magazine has been enhanced with digital content, including videos, interactive maps, graphics, photos, tips and articles. The Android version is limited to editorial content.

Landscape Calculator (Free on iPhone) – Consult this handy app when looking at new homes in Frisco to determine how much soil, mulch or stone you’ll need for your gardening or landscape project. Simply enter the depth on the handy slider rule and add in the area for your results. Also provides tips on how to apply compost, and overall topsoil maintenance.

Landscape & Garden Calculators ($7.99 on Android) – Similar to the iPhone’s Landscape Calculator, this app allows you to plan your plot sizes, fences, ponds and any other arrangement you’ll want to spruce up your garden or lawn. Measurements are in U.S. and metric. You can email or text your data or copy them to the clipboard.

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