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Fall Gardening Checklist for New Homes in Little Elm Texas

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Can you feel it? That early morning chill in the air signals that fall is here. And if you recently purchased one of the new homes in Little Elm Texas that means it’s time to tackle some seasonal gardening chores. Follow our fall checklist to ready your landscape for winter’s freeze and spring blooms.

  1. Plant bulbs, shrubs and trees – Autumn’s cooler temperatures makes this a great time of year to add new shrubs and trees to your landscape. Make sure you spread plenty of mulch for winter protection. Fall is the best season to plant spring flowering bulbs like daffodils, tulips and Dutch iris. Most of these bulbs do best in full sun. As a general rule, you should plant them at about 3 times the height of the bulb and cover with a 2 inch layer of mulch.
  1. Bring container plants inside – You can extend the life of a container plant that is growing outside of its hardiness zone by bringing it indoors for the winter months. If your plant requires full sun, place them near a sunny east or south-facing window.
  1. Weed, feed and mulch – Clean up your flower beds by pulling out any weeds and removing unwanted waste, such as spent foliage and fallen leaves that have collected in and around your plants. When it comes to feeding your plants, don’t use a time release or other strong fertilizer since that will only promote new growth. You’ll want to loosen the soil around the plants and mix in some organic matter/plant food that will provide nutrients through the winter and promote healthy growth. After you add in the plant food, spread at least two inches of mulch on top to help protect plants from the cold and provide some additional nutrients.
  1. Prune perennials and annuals – Continue to prune dead and spent flowers, foliage and stems by pinching or cutting them to encourage healthier, fuller plants and more flowers. When a plant has multiple buds growing along the stems, cut just below the spent flowers to create blooms further down the stems.
  1. Start composting – Dead leaves may be a pain in your yard, but their nutrients make great organic mulch and compost for your gardens and beds. If you don’t have a composting bin, build or buy one and add fallen leaves, debris and other organic materials along with water to keep everything wet. Continue adding organic materials and water through the fall and winter, and turn the pile regularly to speed up the composting process.

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