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Energy Saving Features in New Homes in Dallas

Summertime brings hot weather and high electricity bills for many homeowners due to the increased use of air conditioning.  But Landon Homes has been working hard to change that scenario by incorporating energy saving features into its “Better Built by Design” homes in North Dallas.

Some of those features include: thicker exterior walls, which hold more insulation; air conditioning units that exceed Energy Star standards; and cardinal glass windows that block a significant amount of the sun’s radiant heat, saving homeowners up to 20% on their monthly energy bills. To better understand how our homes are built, check out our video and 3D construction animation on our Website!

Robert and Jennifer Anderson can attest to the energy savings. This couple recently bought a 3066 sq. ft. Landon home in the Villages at Lakeview in Frisco ISD. Their old home was a one-story, 1900 sq. ft. house, located just two miles away.

“We had anticipated seeing a higher electric bill in the new home strictly due to the larger size, but had figured the increase would be minimal due to these energy saving factors,” said Robert Anderson.

However, the Andersons were pleasantly surprised when they received their first electric bill for one full month in their new home. The couple said they used 1659 Kilowatt hours of electricity during June/July, compared to 2076 Kilowatt hours for the same period a year ago when they were in their previous home. (FYI – that house was built in 2003, so it’s not that “old” and the couple said their a/c unit was in a good, professionally maintained condition.)  

The net result: the Andersons saved $53.96. Robert adds, “I would have never imagined that a house with 1166 more of square footage would have a lower electric bill.”

If you’d like to visit one of our better built, affordable, energy efficient models for yourself, contact Tanya Smith anytime by phone at 214-707-0347 or just click on our LIVE CHAT feature throughout the Landon Homes website at

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