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How Energy Efficient Homes in McKinney, TX Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

FireplaceWhen shopping for energy efficient homes in McKinney, TX, you’ll find that the newest homes provide the most energy savings. That’s because new home builders like Landon Homes incorporate

energy-efficient building methods as well as Energy Star rated appliances in every home they build.

Energy Star rated products are more efficient than their non-rated counterparts, while maintaining or improving performance. It’s true that Energy Star labeled appliances may cost slightly more than those that don’t qualify for the label, but they cost less to operate. That’s because they can reduce energy use by 30 to 50 percent. And when you consider that many home appliances run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that savings adds up quickly. Experts say a typical household equipped with Energy Star appliances can reduce its yearly energy bills by about $400.

Energy Star products also help the environment. The average home contributes to air pollution and generates excess carbon dioxide, since the energy it uses generally comes from fossil fuel burning power plants, primarily coal. But you can reduce your carbon footprint by using Energy Star appliances in your new home. In fact, the resulting pollution savings is the equivalent of taking a car off the road for seven years. What’s more, if every home and business switched to Energy Star products, over the next 15 years the carbon dioxide reductions would be like taking 17 million cars off the road for each one of those years. And the United States would save $100 billion in energy bills.

The new homes that Landon builds also have a variety of energy-efficient features such as 2” x 6” exterior wall construction, insulated corners, vinyl tinted glass windows, R-22 exterior wall insulation system, Tech-Shield radiant heat barrier and tankless water heaters. As a result, many Landon homeowners discover that their energy bills are lower than what they had been paying in their previous, smaller house.

When trying to decide between buying a new house or an older house, consider this: you’d have to spend big bucks to renovate and retrofit an older home in order to make it as energy efficient as a newly built home. Plus, Landon gives buyers an opportunity to select the fixtures, cabinetry, hardware and more, so your new home reflects your taste and style.

For more information about our energy efficient homes in McKinney TX, visit the Landon website to see our variety of floor plans, and our ready to move in model homes.

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