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Don’t Just Buy, Buy “Down”!

Landon Homes is running a 2/1 buy down promotion through August 31 on select new homes that are financed through its preferred lender, Flagstone Lending.  Under the promotion, the interest rate on the loan would begin at a very low rate, then increase gradually over the next two years, before settling at a permanent rate for the remainder of the 30-year loan. 

For instance, if the current interest rate is 4.5 percent, the interest rate for the buy down would begin at 2.5 percent the first year, increase to 3.5 percent the second year, and then rise to 4.5 percent the third year, where it would stay throughout the remainder of the loan’s 30-year term. The title policy is included in the promotion, and there are no loan origination fees. 

As an added incentive, Landon says every customer that purchases one of the special 2/1 buy down homes will go into a drawing for a brand new Nintendo WII family gaming console package. 

If for some reason you don’t need to take advantage of the extra-low interest rate buy down being offered by Landon, Flagstone loan officer Patrick Iglinsky says he can mold the promotion into something that will be beneficial for you. 

The mortgage process may not be easy to navigate these days, but Iglinsky says he works closely with the Landon team and the title company to manage the flow of information for the home buyer. As a result, Iglinsky says he helps ensure that the approval process goes smoothly from the day the contract is signed to the day of closing. 

For more information about Landon Homes’ 2/1 buy down promotion, visit our website at or contact Tanya Smith at 214-707-0347.

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