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Decide where in your home you will keep these supplies” What closet? What room?


Moving into a new home in Little Elm offers an opportunity to organize your space, so you can keep clutter at bay. One of the areas that tends to be a catch-all in many homes is the utility closet. Here are a few ways you can structure your closet, so it can become a ready-made resource for home maintenance:

Start at the Bottom – One of the first tasks to organizing should be to assign a parking spot for the vacuum. Next, add a freestanding drawer, which can hold items you need in an emergency, such as batteries, matches and a hand-cranked radio.

Set up Eye-Level Access – Keep everyday essentials, like wipes, all-purpose spray and a whisk broom within sight and easy reach. The pockets of a canvas shoe wrangler are perfect for this job. A hanging sweater organizer is also handy for storing paper towels, recycling bags and micofiber cleaning cloths.

Take Advantage of Overhead Space – Keep items you don’t use often at the top of your closet, such as specialty cleaning products, seasonal appliances (like a humidifier) and oddball items, such as moving blankets. A wall-mounted step ladder can be stored nearby to help reach those items when you need them.

Get Creative with Storage – Need a place to store items like lightbulbs, extension cords and rolls of tape? Group these items into clear, lightweight shoe box-sized containers. You can find these storage devices at retailers like the or Target.

Organize Your Manuals – Some people keep appliance manuals and warranties in a file cabinet or drawer. Another way to organize this information is to slip them into clear pockets of a binder. Use tabs to separate appliances and gadgets by room, and store the binder on a shelf in the closet for easy access.

Contact Info – It’s bound to happen some time – an appliance will go on the fritz. Be prepared by posting contact info for household maintenance pros, like plumbers and electricians, on a board in the closet. That way you won’t have to scramble around at the last minute looking for someone to come out to your Little Elm home.

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