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Creative storage solutions for your new home

One reason apartment dwellers decide to buy a new home in McKinney, Texas is to have more room, especially if they plan to start a family. Sometimes, the opposite is true. A couple may decide to downsize once their children grow up and move away. If that’s the case, you may want to check out these creative storage solutions for your new home, to maximize the space you now have.

Storage While You Sleep – Need space to stash some bulky blankets? No problem. Consider buying a mattress foundation that has a hidden compartment, instead of the standard box spring.

Overhead Room – Take advantage of the space over your head. Install floating shelves and cabinets in places like narrow hallways. This trick can supply up to 2-1/2 square feet of extra storage space.

Pretty and Practical – Hang baskets from towel rods to create more storage space in the pantry or laundry room of your new home in McKinney, Texas.

Seasonal Stash – Keep wrapping paper handy, yet out of the way, by suspending it from your closet ceiling on a simple cradle of wire. The paper won’t get torn or creased, and it’s still easy to reach when you need it.

Eliminate Kitchen Chaos – Maintain an orderly kitchen by using lazy Susan carousels in space-wasting corner cabinets. Install pullout shelves or baskets in deep cabinets. And hide small appliances like can openers and coffeepots under the cabinets to leave extra room on your countertops.

Hidden Litter – No one likes to see or smell kitty litter. Keep it under wraps in a storage cabinet that contains a small framed opening for your cat to enter and exit. You can find them at furniture stores like IKEA or pet product suppliers.

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