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Creative Storage Ideas for Holiday Decorations

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From historic Brooklyn NY brownstones to new homes in Frisco TX, people across the country are starting the new year by taking down their holiday decorations and storing them until the next holiday season. If you’re ready to join them, here are some timely organizing ideas for storing those special holiday items:

  • Start with a good storage system. Purchase color-coordinated or clear plastic bins to safely store holiday items. If you decide to use cardboard boxes, label each one clearly on the top and both ends so you can easily tell what’s in them.
  • Sort and organize as you put things away. Put like items together in one container or categorize by room or area of use, such as under the tree or on the staircase. Put things you no longer use in a separate box to sell, donate or swap with friends.
  • Repair any broken ornaments and decorations that you want to keep. Replace those that are beyond repair or worn out. Make a list of items you need for next year.
  • Store ornaments in divided storage boxes or try this handy hack: cut a piece of cardboard to sit flat inside a box or bin. Glue the bottoms of paper or plastic cups to the cardboard, then store ornaments inside the cups. These can stack in layers inside a bin or box.
  • Place small ornaments and extra bulbs from string lights in egg cartons. Less delicate items like ornament hooks and sturdier decorations can be grouped in zip-top freezer bags.
  • Store rolls of wrapping paper upright in a hanging garment bag. A clear bag will let you see at a glance what’s inside.
  • Wrap strings of lights around a cardboard tube or a flat piece of cardboard. Group lights by color to save time next holiday season.
  • Try to store decorations in an area without extreme temperatures or high humidity. Candles can melt in hot attics and items can get musty or even moldy in damp basements.


Now that your holiday decorations are organized and put away, you can start to think about where you’d like to celebrate your next holiday season. Landon Homes has new homes in Frisco TX that will be a joy to decorate and show off to family and friends!

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