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How to Create Your Own Home Gym

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape this year, it’s time to join others who have set up homes gyms in their homes in Frisco TX. Having your own exercise space at home gives you the opportunity to work out on a moment’s notice. Even better, you can choose the equipment you prefer without ever having to wait for someone else to finish using it. Here are some tips for setting up your own home gym:

  • Choose the best room for your purposes. You probably want to be away from the busiest parts of your home, and you may wish to have a door so you can concentrate on your workout. If you plan to use heavy weights or machines, you’ll want to be on a lower level where the floor is able to support the weight. Check the ceiling height as well to be sure equipment will fit and that you won’t bump the ceiling when lifting weights over your head. Finally, be sure the room has adequate heating and cooling systems for comfortable workouts.
  • Establish a mood. Do you want a calm, serene retreat or a rockin’ vibe? Paint the walls and install flooring before you move any equipment in. Consider putting up a full-length mirror to check your form. Add artwork or posters and a sound system to complete the mood.
  • Stock the room with the right equipment. At first, buy only what you know you will use. Save money by snapping up others’ cast-offs, or look for sales. Some things you may want to purchase in the beginning are floor mats, free weights with dumbbells and barbells, an adjustable bench, kettle bells, jump ropes and exercise balls. If you’re ready to make more of an investment, check out cardio equipment like a treadmill, spin cycle, elliptical machine or stair climber.
  • Keep safety in mind. Learn proper techniques from a trainer or classes first. Be sure to check that all used equipment you purchase is in good working order. If you plan to lift heavy weights, have a spotter stand by when you are doing bench presses and overhead lifts.

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