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How to Create a Family Friendly Design for Your New Home in Plano


Looking for a new home in Plano for your growing family? Some people think an older home is better than a brand new one for kids, since an older home has likely already seen its share of spills and stains over the years. But a brand new home has several advantages over a resale, such as being more energy efficient, and requiring less maintenance and fewer repairs. With a little planning, a newly built home can be more family friendly than a resale home too.

Here are a few ways you can keep your new home looking great, while raising children at the same time:

1. The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the house. It’s also a place for family members to communicate with one another. Attach a magnetic chalkboard to your refrigerator (or use removable command strips if your fridge is stainless steel) so you can leave notes for the kids or a list of leftovers or healthy snacks they can eat.

2. Consider installing modular carpet tiles in your nursery because they’re soft enough for playtime. And you can easily switch them around if you reconfigure the nursery as your child grows.

3. Manage the volume of paperwork your children bring home from school by creating two separate boxes – one temporary and one permanent. At the end of each term, sort through the temporary box and select two special items to keep. The rest goes in the recycle bin.

4. Reclaim the kitchen table for food preparation instead of homework by setting up a small writing table in the living room or a desk in your child’s bedroom.

5. Keep the bathroom tub’s surface clutter-free with portable shower caddies. Each person’s personal grooming stuff can be kept in an individual caddy that gets carried in and out of the shower when needed.

6. Try using synthetic, water-resistant fabrics in high-traffic areas. These outdoor fabrics are easy to clean with a sponge, so they’re definitely family-friendly!

7. Slipcovers are also useful for young children, and can be attractive if you select the right fabric. Experts suggest making a slipcover with 10 percent more fabric than the couch or chair measurements require. Then, pre-wash the fabric in a commercial washer before sending it to the upholsterer, so it won’t shrink. Consider choosing dark fabric shades, too, since they won’t show wear as quickly.

Any of these family-friendly design tips will work perfectly in the new John Landon Executive Series homes being built in West Park. This exclusive new home community in the heart of Plano features an outdoor pavilion, resort style pool and community playground. Visit our website to learn why Landon should build your new home in Plano.

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