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How to Choose a Preschool in Frisco

Now is the time for parents in Frisco TX homes to begin looking at preschools for the fall semester. Spaces fill up fast in the best schools. By starting now, parents have the best chance of getting a spot in their top-choice school. So how do you choose the right one for your little one?

First, make a list of possible options by taking these steps:

  • Ask other parents about their experiences with preschools in the area.
  • Search online for reviews and information.
  • Attend preschool open houses in the community.

Once you’ve gotten some recommendations, it’s time to dig deeper. Visit potential schools and talk to the teachers. Here are some things to look for:

  • Is the school conveniently located and will the hours work for you?
  • Can you afford the tuition?
  • Is the school religious or secular? Do you have a preference?
  • Is the school clean, and does it follow proper safety and health precautions? If there is a playground, is the equipment well maintained and is the playground enclosed?
  • What are the teachers like? Are they friendly and pleasant, but firm when they need to be? Have they been there long-term or do teachers change frequently?
  • What kind of background do the teachers have? Are they college-educated teachers with at least several years of experience or are they more like casual babysitters?
  • How many students will each teacher be responsible for? A recent study by the Texas Education Agency and the Department of Family and Protective Services recommends a ratio of no more than 11 students per teacher.
  • Is there a balance of playtime and academic work?
  • Will the children learn everything they need to know before they enter kindergarten? This includes writing their names, printing letters and knowing the sounds they indicate, counting and writing numbers. Children should also be able to use the bathroom independently and be able to manage putting away and retrieving their coats and backpacks on their own.

Once you choose a school, pay attention to the registration dates and requirements to be sure your child gets in on time.

Finding a great preschool will get your child off to a great academic start. To find a new home near your child’s school, contact Landon Homes at 866-898-3603 to tour their communities of family-friendly Frisco TX homes.

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