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The Benefits of Building a New Home vs. Buying an Older Home

If you’re like most home buyers in McKinney, you have a picture in mind of what your “dream home” should look like. When you search for an existing home with those features, it’s rare that you will find one with all bells and whistles that you care about. Odds are that every prospective house will have a few things that need to be changed before you move in – such as paint color, flooring, cabinetry or landscaping. As a result, you’ll have to spend more time and money to get the house into shape.

Even if you’re lucky enough to find an older home that has the features you want, home repairs and maintenance costs could put a big dent in your wallet. A home builder in McKinney provides your new home with a builder’s warranty that’s good for at least a year, while other major components are usually warrantied for extended periods.

Building a new home gives you the advantage of being able to design the look of your house right from the beginning. You can evaluate the different models a home builder in McKinney has to offer and determine which one best suits your taste. Once you’ve settled on a floor plan, you can choose paint colors and visit the builder design center to choose the fixtures, flooring and appliances for your new home that fit your lifestyle.

Another major benefit to building a new home is that it will be more energy efficient than an older home. New homes are built according to the latest energy conversation standards and feature higher-efficiency insulation, doors and windows, for starters. Plus, a home builder in McKinney like Landon Homes, goes a step further by using 2×6 exterior wall construction, tech-shield radiant heat barriers, tankless water heaters, Energy Star rated appliances and water-saving faucets and shower heads that minimize utility bills.  An older home usually has to be retrofitted with these features, at an additional cost.

Finally, home builders may be able to offer more flexible financing options due to their relationships with lenders. You could get a deal on closing costs, special upgrade financing, or some other type of Internet incentive. Individual sellers don’t always have room to negotiate on these terms, so a new home could be your best option if financing is a critical factor for you.

If you’re looking for a home builder in McKinney, visit the Landon website to learn about the affordable green homes we build for sale in premier Dallas neighborhoods like McKinney, Little Elm and Frisco.

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