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Back to School Organizing Tips

Family homes in Argyle TX are buzzing with back-to-school preparations as parents and kids get ready for school to start again. Try these tips to get the year off to a good start and stay organized:

  1. Set up a drop zone inside the family’s main entrance to your home. Assign a place for each kid to put their backpack, shoes, coats and other items when they get home. Get them invested in the idea by letting each kid decorate their own space.
  2. Hang a large calendar on the kitchen wall. Let each child choose a color to use when marking their activities and appointments on the calendar.
  3. Establish a homework area with all the necessary supplies handy. Make a place to store each kid’s schoolwork and artwork throughout the year. When the school year is over, sort through and choose what to save, then clear the space for next year.
  4. Plan a routine with your kids. What time will they have to get up, when will they do homework and chores, what other activities/classes/sports will they have? When you have it figured out, print out and post on wall for kids to follow.
  5. Make a shopping list of needed clothes, shoes, school supplies, sports equipment, etc. Sort through what they have and donate or dispose of anything they no longer use. When kids bring home a list of needed school supplies, buy extra so you don’t have to run out at the last minute to replenish them during the year.
  6. Plan lunches. Shop for lunch food, snacks for in school or after school, and quick breakfast foods. Have a container in the fridge for all the prepared lunch box items and sandwich supplies.
  7. Start practicing the school routine at least a week beforehand. Have kids choose their outfits the night before to save time in the morning.

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