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When you buy a new home in McKinney, TX, it’s only natural to do everything you can to keep the house in pristine shape after you move in. By spending some time on home organization, you can make sure that clutter doesn’t find a way to move in with you!

Here are a few strategies you can use to keep everything in its place:

1. Set aside one area in your home for mail and important papers.  Soon as the mail comes in, throw out what you don’t need and file the rest in your designated location.

2. Keep kitchen counters clear for food preparation. Store appliances you don’t use every day out of sight. Use tiered stacking shelves and pull-down racks for cabinets. Expandable or modular organizers are great to utilize every inch of drawer space.  A great place to find these supplies is the new Container Store, which recently opened in McKinney.

3. Implement the one in, one out rule. Whenever you get something new like a book or piece of clothing, get rid of something old. That way you’ll avoid the tendency to accumulate things.

4. Use stacking drawers or shelves in closets to take advantage of the vertical space. Also, save time selecting an outfit to wear by color coordinating your clothes, and grouping similar items together.

5. Take advantage of areas over doors and underneath beds to store items you don’t use often. On the other hand, make sure the items you do use frequently are each to reach.

6. Organize your cleaning supplies in one area of your garage, pantry or laundry room to keep them easily accessible.

7. Keep magazines and catalogs from piling up by keeping only the last 6 issues, or better yet, tear out the pages you wish to save, and recycle the rest of the periodical.

If you’re looking to buy a new home in McKinney, TX, contact Landon Homes at 866-898-3603 to schedule a tour of Shiloh Ranch. This quiet community features some of the largest homesites McKinney has to offer.

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