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8 Ways to Build Community Spirit in Your Neighborhood

Many people who move into new Frisco TX homes don’t know their neighbors at first. Getting to know your neighbors and building relationships with them helps make the community stronger and creates important social networks, especially for people who have just moved into the area. Here are eight ways to build community spirit in your neighborhood:

  1. Stay open for opportunities to get to know your neighbors. Say hello when you see them and take a few moments to introduce yourself. Invite a family to a backyard barbecue or arrange a play date for your kids or dogs. If you feel more ambitious, organize a neighborhood block party with the help of a few neighbors.
  2. Every community has numerous opportunities for volunteers, ranging from walking dogs at the shelter to spending time with elderly residents. Volunteering helps you meet like-minded people while contributing to the well-being of the community. On a smaller scale, look for opportunities to help your neighbors when you see a need.
  3. Join clubs and special interest groups. Whatever your hobby or interest, there is most likely a club to suit you. Perhaps you’d enjoy attending meetings of the local historical society or going birdwatching with a local nature group. There are also national and international service groups like the Rotary and Lions Club.
  4. Take classes at the local community college or university. Even though many classes are available online, go to the in-person classes to meet people from your community. Many community colleges have low-cost non-credit courses in a wide range of subjects.
  5. Organize a neighborhood garage sale. Recruit a few neighbors to help you plan the sale and promote it, and walk around and meet your neighbors during the sale.
  6. Join a place of worship. You might want to try several in your faith before you find one that “fits.” Attend services and social events, join committees and take part in activities.
  7. Participate in community and business networking groups such as the Chamber of Commerce or local planning committees and homeowners’ associations.
  8. Become active at your child’s school. This is a great way to meet other parents and find families to socialize with yours. Volunteer in the classroom, help with the school play or join the PTA.

Landon Homes has new Frisco TX homes in neighborhoods with many opportunities for building community spirit.

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