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6 Tips for Conducting a Long Distance Home Search

Buying a new home is rarely easy, but it’s especially challenging when you’re searching for homes for sale in Little Elm remotely. It’s best to do some homework first before you take a trip to the area to make your final purchase decision.  Here are a few strategies on conducting a real estate search from a distance:

Research Online – Get a feel for the local market by searching the Internet for homes for sale. Try websites like or to see what’s available in the area you’re planning for your relocation. Decide before hand what you’re looking for, such as how many bedrooms and baths you need, and what your price range is.

Recruit your social network for help. Share your plans with your Facebook friends, because you might find someone living in that location who can give you guidance on what neighborhoods will fit your needs, and which areas to steer clear of.

Research a potential neighborhood on Google Earth, so you can see the new home’s exterior and what amenities are nearby. If you want the home to be within walking distance to schools or employment, this tool will help you get a feel for the neighborhood.

Plan a Trip – Viewing pictures online is helpful, but it doesn’t tell the whole story about a home for sale. The photos may look great, but the location may be less than ideal, or there may be rowdy neighbors. If it’s at all feasible, you should plan a quick trip to your new town or city to view potential houses in person. Make sure you come armed with questions and a list of properties to view, so you’re not starting from scratch when you arrive. If you’re relocating for work, your new employer may provide relocation assistance, like a list of local real estate agents who can show you different properties.

Recruit a Local Scout – If you can’t visit potential properties in person, seek help from a local friend or relative. Ask that person to take photos and email them to you so you can get a more realistic picture of a house. Ask your scout to provide you a list of pros and cons of each location too, but you’ll ultimately have to make the final decision. Consider putting together a checklist of features for your new home to help your scout narrow down the potential candidates.

Consider Short-Term Housing – Instead of immediately buying a new house, consider a short-term rental so you can have extra time to scout neighborhoods for schools, parks and other amenities. Experts advise renting for at least six months before buying in a new area, to give yourself time to get acclimated to your surroundings. After all, buying a house is a major purchase. While you’re renting, you can search for new homes in Little Elm in a calm, relaxed manner.  Once you find the perfect home, you can rest easy, knowing that you’ve explored all your options, and can be happy for years to come.

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