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6 Creative Ways to Use Curtain Rods in Your New Home in Richwoods

Living roomMost people think curtain rods are for one thing and one thing only – to hang curtains. But this practical household tool can do more than that in your new home in Richwoods. In fact, the only limit on what a curtain rod can do is your imagination.

You can see one example of a creative use for a rod in the 865 Collection model home at Richwoods Landing. Landon Homes used a curtain rod in the fitness room of the model home to hang fitness bands and yoga mats. Storing your fitness equipment in this way keeps the items handy until you need them. And it frees up closet space for other items.

Another way you might use a curtain rod in your new home in Richwoods is in the utility room. You could mount a couple of rods on a wall and store rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon to make them easy and accessible. You could also use a curtain rod in your laundry room to dry clothes that need to be hung up to dry, rather than placed in your clothes dryer.

Curtain rods can also be used in place of a headboard, when hung on a wall behind your bed. Choose from various colors and patterns of panels to decoratively hang on the rods.  Curtain rods can also be used to hang panels or curtains in doorways to divide or section off a room during special occasions. They’re also handy to hide pantry shelves or cluttered nooks.

Hanging murals in your new home in Richwoods can sometimes be a challenge. A curtain rod will come in handy here too. Hang murals, collages, specialty paper or paper wall hangings. Craft stores sell decorative papers that can be attached to valances and hung on a curtain rod as wall art. You can swap these out as your mood changes, or to reflect different seasons.

If you’re looking for the best in gated master planned living, consider buying a new home in Richwoods Landing. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of floor plans on 84’ x 130’ homesites. Landon Homes specializes in building attractive, energy efficient homes that start with using 2×6 wall construction. Contact us today to schedule a model home tour, and see the Landon difference for yourself.

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