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5 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Are you spending your weekends looking at homes for sale? McKinney, TX is one of the best places to live in the U.S. with excellent schools, safe streets, low crime and ample job opportunities. While it may be tempting to tour the available homes for sale in McKinney on Father’s Day, here are some other ways you can celebrate Dad’s special day:

1. Make Dad breakfast in bed. Let Dad sleep in, then treat him to his favorite foods – maybe eggs and bacon or pancakes for breakfast.

2. Have a family barbecue. Invite all the dads in your family to celebrate, but let someone else handle the grill for a change! You don’t have to stay at home either — go the beach, a local park or any other favorite spot of dad’s.

3. Take dad to his favorite sporting event. Is your dad a sports buff? Splurge on tickets to see his favorite sports team in action, or join him for a day of fishing or a round of golf.

4. Get creative. Forget the usual store-bought gifts of socks and ties. Come up with a personalized gift for dad. Write a poem. Make a gift basket of his favorite homemade cookies. Draw a picture or frame a favorite photo. Burn a CD of his favorite music, or upload tunes to his mp3 player.

5. Acknowledge him.  Don’t forget to let your dad know how much you care, and what a great job he’s doing. A heartfelt speech, a hand-made card, a toast, or simply some loving words at the dinner table will be a wonderful way to celebrate this special occasion.

When you’re ready to resume house-hunting, stop by the Landon Homes’ communities of Verona Estates and Shiloh Ranch to see their affordable, energy efficient homes for sale. McKinney, TX is a beautiful town, with tree-lined streets surrounded by rolling hills, ponds, parks, and miles of hike and bike trails. Contact our Internet Sales Manager Tanya Smith anytime by phone at 214-707-0347 to answer your questions about the Landon homes for sale in McKinney.


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