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4 Tips to Organize Your Garage

One advantage to buying a new home in Little Elm, TX is that you get a brand new garage along with it! If you’ve been living in an apartment until now, the thought of having a safe place to store your car is pretty appealing. But if you’re already living in a house with a garage, you probably have a few tools, yard or sports equipment already. If you haven’t organized these things in the past, a new garage is your chance to start fresh. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to organize your new space:

1. Assess the Space – Before you move into your new home in Little Elm, TX, decide which area of the garage is going to be used for what purpose. Figure out which side of the garage will hold your vehicle, and which will be used to store large items such as bicycles, lawn equipment and/or luggage.

2. A Place for Everything – Group like items together, so you know where they are when you need them. Consider installing shelving units if the garage doesn’t have enough storage space. Hooks for the walls are also great to hang items you don’t use very often out of the way. Use as much vertical and ceiling space as possible, especially if you want to keep your car in the garage.

3. Label, Label, Label – Drawers and bins are great for storing items, but they’re even better when you label them! Sort your nails, screws and bolts and other items by type, and label your storage containers and shelves accordingly.

4. Keep it Clean – Once you’ve put everything away, make plans to give the garage in your new home in Little Elm, TX a thorough cleaning every three months. The time and effort you spend will be well worth it!

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