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Warranty Program

For general assistant please call 214-239-4309 or e-mail If it is an emergency, please refer to the contact phone numbers tab above.

To our valued customers:

We would like to welcome you to our Landon Homes family.  Here at Landon Homes, we strive to keep our customers for life, from this home, to your next, and beyond.  Our goal is to make sure that you are well cared for and love your new home.  We also strive to support and educate you on how to care for your home with your family.

In case of an emergency, please remember to look at the sticker that was placed on the cabinet door of your kitchen sink cabinet.  There you will find the emergency numbers for the major vendors.  You can also go to the tab above and click on the Emergency Tab heading.  Please then look at your subdivision so you can have the number of your specific vendor.  Please note that when you reach them directly, they can provide you with an appointment while you discuss the issue.  If you leave them a message, they will call you back at their earliest opportunity.

What constitutes an emergency?  Emergencies can involve no heating or cooling, a possible plumbing leak, electrical circuit failure (not an outlet that does not operate), a roof leak and an inoperable lock to secure the home.

We have a standard warranty process that has been very beneficial to our homeowners and helped us manage warranty items.  We conduct in home visits 4 times through the first year that you live in your home.  We visit with our customers after closing at a 1 month visit, 3 month, 6 month and 11 month.  We follow the warranty guidelines as outlined in the StrucSure Warranty provided to each homeowner.  You can view your warranty by reading the StrucSure Warranty Coverage tab above.

At Landon Homes, we truly appreciate our homeowners and look forward to serving all of your warranty needs.

Thank you again for choosing Landon Homes!

Warranty Services at Landon Homes


For questions or concerns, please contact your warranty manager directly.

For general assistance, please email or you can call 214-239-4309 during normal business hours.

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