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Preparing for holiday guests at your new home

The holidays are a perfect time to entertain guests, especially if you’ve recently purchased one of the new homes in McKinney, Texas. Preparing your new home for guests may seem like an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to be, as long as you have a plan in mind. Here are a few tips to keep you organized and stress-free during this holiday season:

1. Prepare a check list – Before any of your guests arrive, come up with a list of things to do to make sure nothing gets overlooked. It’s easy to lose track during the holidays. But a list will help you stay focused.

2. Take special needs into account – Entertaining guests who use a cane or walker may require rearranging your furniture, so they won’t have any problems getting around. If small children will be visiting, make sure electrical sockets are covered and sharp edged furniture is covered so no one gets hurt.

3. Swap bedrooms – New homes in McKinney, Texas frequently include a spare bedroom. But if you think your guests will be more comfortable in the master bedroom, the polite thing to do will be to swap rooms for the time being. Your guests will appreciate the gesture, especially when you take the time to make the room extra comfortable for their stay. This might include storing away photos and personal items, and replacing them with a lovely holiday flower arrangement, or a basket of books and magazines.

4. Spruce up the bathroom – Make sure your guests’ bathroom is spic and span before they arrive. Supply fresh towels, soap and toiletries. Consider clearing out a drawer so your guests have a place for their grooming items. Make a festive statement by including holiday soaps and hand creams in a container for actual use or decoration.

5. Prepare special food – Ask your guests ahead of time if they have any particular food preferences. You’ll be sure to impress them when you have a few of their favorite breakfast or snack items on hand. Consider treating them to a distinctive holiday coffee or tea as well.

Keep in mind when entertaining holiday guests that it’s also a good idea to have some downtime. Stock up on holiday movies and festive music, and take time to relax and enjoy one another.  Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and enjoy a happier stay.  They might even decide to take a look at some of the new homes in McKinney, Texas to buy too. If they do, have them take a look at Shiloh Lakes. This quiet Landon Homes community offers some of the biggest yards in the area. Visit the Landon website to learn why our homes are better built, by design.

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