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Our Favorite Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home!

It’s a great time of year when the days get longer, and the sun rises earlier each day. Perhaps the earlier time change has you up and about earlier each day too?  As you are going about your morning routine,  it’s wonderful to experience sunshine streaming into your home….. until that one ray of sunshine hits the floor or a tabletop an lights up an area not normally seen in that bright light and exposes where you forgot to dust!  Ahhh!

Well good thing it’s also a great time of year to Spring Clean! Whether you are enjoying a new home in Argyle, TX or reviewing which amazing floor plan of Landon Homes you would like to build, we have a few spring cleaning tips to share.

  • Aim high.

Spring cleaning is about reaching those out of the way spaces in your home.  Start with checking all the corners of your walls where a few cobwebs have collected. Use a telescoping duster to reach those forgotten spots.

Then move to your ceiling fans and dust the top of the fan blades. Using that same great dusting tool – drag it along the tops of door frames and moldings. Next move on to the top of the shower stalls, picture frames, exposed tall cabinets, lamps and light fixtures. Don’t forget the top of your refrigerator, too!

  • Go Low.

If you don’t often clean your baseboards, now is a great time. The baseboard and shoe molding seem to be a magnet for dust and pet hair.  Since it’s time for a deeper clean, use a damp rag and wipe that area down.  If you have an older home- and perhaps looking to sell it and step into a new home in Argyle, TX built by Landon Homes, then making this area sparkle is important to future buyers. You can even soak and rinse that rage in a tub of warm water and add a few drops of a mild dish soap to remove more dirt.

As you clean the carpet, tile and/or hardwoods, move furniture to access those hard to reach spaces. Spot clean any stains or surface marks that you keep meaning to get to!

  • Remember Odds and Ends.

Focus on removing everything off your countertops in both the kitchen and bathrooms and remove all of the dust and random crumbs. As you clean, you may wonder, “Geez, how did those grains of salt get all the way over there?”  Turn your attention next to counter top appliances such as coffee pots and toasters.  For coffee pots, clean out the water wells and wipe away knobs. Maybe even do a recommended cycle using vinegar.

For the toaster, flip open the bottom (if possible) and dump out broken pieces from that everything flavored bagel your spouse toasted the other week.

  • Loose the spooky.

After you have taken care of the inside, don’t forget the outside. Garages have corners too and seem to collect a lot of cobwebs. Use an old fashioned broom or get out the blower to evict dead bugs (ick!) and leaves on the garage floor.  Don’t have a garage?  Then now is a great time to purchase a new home in Argyle, TX  with a specious two or three car garage.

Don’t forget to clean and dust those outside lighting fixtures and replace any bulbs that have burnt out. Finally, spray down your front and back doors, clean off any dirt around your video door bell, and shake out your welcome mat.

Now you are ready to sit back and admire your clean home. You did remember to clean the usual suspects though right?

And whether you are currently enjoying your new homes by Landon Homes or just starting on your buyer journey, we wish you health and happiness. Please let one of our sales agents answer any questions you might have about new homes in Argyle, TX.

Canyon Falls is now offering clean and expansive homes in Argyle TX that are conveniently located next to major shopping, dining, entertainment and the DFW airport! The community is only 15 minutes from the Charles Schwab Campus, Ameritrade Campus and Fidelity Campus. 15 minutes to Roanoke, the restaurant capital of Texas, Southlake Town Center, Flower Mound and DFW Airport. At Canyon Falls, we’ll help you create a home for the way your family lives and keep sending you tips on the best ways to maintain that beautiful new home.

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