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Now is the Time to Switch from Renting to Building a Home

Are you are renter who dreams of owning your own place in a Frisco TX new home community? If you’re ready to stop paying rent and start investing in a home of your own, now is a great time to do it. The price of lumber is lower now than it has been for the past two years. That can help bring the home you want into an affordable range.

When you build a home, you get exactly what you want, where you want it. You pick your lot, the size and type of house you want, the floor plan, any options or upgrades, and even the smallest design details. Your new home will fit your taste and budget, and you’ll have the freedom to decorate as you please. No more worries about upsetting the landlord or having to live with ugly paint colors.

Another reason to build rather than buy an existing home is that new homes have the latest technology and built-in energy efficiency. This helps you save on utilities and feel more comfortable in your home year-round. No more sweaty apartments or cold rental houses!

When you get a fixed-rate mortgage on your new home, your housing costs will be stable for the life of the loan. If you stay in your home long enough, you can pay it off and have no monthly housing payment at all! That’s not possible with renting. In fact, rent prices almost always go up over time, making your housing more and more expensive every year.

Along those same lines, as you make mortgage payments you are gaining equity in your own home instead of funding your landlord’s purchases. That feeling of security frees you from any worries about landlords increasing the rent or even terminating the lease and forcing you to move when you’re not ready.

Lexington Frisco is a new home community with a wide range of lot and home design options. Homes are grouped into 5 neighborhoods to fit a wide range of budgets and space needs. Lot sizes range from 37 to 74 feet. Home prices vary from the $545s to over $1M.

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