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New Home Trends for 2012

Looking for a new home in Frisco, TX to buy this year?  One reason people opt for new construction is to have the opportunity to design their own interior space. If you’re looking for design ideas, here are some of the new home trends for 2012 to consider:

1. Bold colors – Orange made a splash on spring fashion runways, so it’s expected to have an influence on interior design this year. Bright, colorful and bold patterns are cropping up in furniture too.

2. Wood patterns – Look for dining room tables with interesting wooden floor patterns that add character to a functional surface.

3. Decorative walls – Wallpaper’s comeback continues to gain momentum as it gets used more for larger spaces like the living room and bedroom.

4. Lighting – Blend styles such as iron and crystal, drum pendants and blown-glass, and colored crystal and organic shapes to add a “wow” factor to your new home in Frisco, TX.

5. What’s old is new – Vintage farm, Americana, Amish influences reflect the “modern country home” in 2012. To achieve this affect, opt for natural hues in the bedroom such as creamy whites, bark browns and sea-glass greens to bring a touch of the outdoors in.

6. Opposites attract – The nature motifs of the past few years are becoming more refined. Unusual combinations will make a big impact such as lambskin with acrylic or wood with polished metal.

7. Bigger is better – Think big when it comes to lighting and wall space. Try wall-length floor mirrors or huge art pieces. They become breath-taking elements in otherwise low-key rooms.

Landon Homes has a professional design center that offers selections in cabinetry, countertops, flooring, window treatments, lighting and more for your new home in Frisco, TX. Their staff is well versed in the latest home design trends and can guide you through each decision, large or small. Visit the website today to learn more.

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