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Kitchen Recycling Solutions

iStock_000014092864XSmallIf you think recycling is a hassle, it may be that you don’t have the right tools to sort things out in your new home. McKinney TX offers a convenient curbside recycling program that lets residents combine different materials, such as paper, steel and glass in one bin. Of course, you still need to separate your trash from recycling before putting the goods out on the curb. Here are a few handy kitchen tools to handle that chore:

1. simplehuman 2-Bin Recycler – Separating trash from recyclables is a breeze with this handy unit. The space saving device features two inner containers that you can line with special “simplehuman” bags (sold separately). Or you can save money and just use regular bags in the container. A built-in lock holds the lid open for hands-free access. You simply press on the wide pedal at the base to access the bins. The lids open and close smoothly and quietly.

2. Square Step On Recycling Bin – This two-in-one bin is twice as deep as the simplehuman model, but is also 8 inches shorter. It features separate foot pedals to open the trash and recycling containers. Each compartment holds 2 liters and pulls out, so it’s a cinch to empty. The pull-out bins even have built in handles.

3. Hidden Recycling Center – Another option for sorting trash and recycling in your new home in McKinney TX is to build a recycling center right into your counter top. This ingenious project uses wooden plates and little doorknobs as the lids. What’s great about this hidden recycling center is that it provides easy access to under counter recycling bins, but you don’t have to sacrifice your counter space.

4. Folding Recycling Bags – Gaiam has a clever way to encourage your children to recycle. Their set of three leak-proof brightly colored plastic pags use handy graphics to make it extra easy for little ones to sort. Plus, the bags are low enough to put recycling in your child’s reach. Velcro tabs keep the bags in a row, and handles make the lightweight bags easy to carry.

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