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Food Trucks Are Now Welcome in Allen TX

A popular trend may soon be luring people from their new homes in Allen TX to dine outdoors.

Last month the Allen City Council voted to allow food trucks in certain areas of the city, including dedicated food truck parks that would serve as destinations for those looking for something different for dinner.

Food trucks were already allowed at temporary events such as fairs and festivals and do not require a permit to do so. However, the new ruling would allow them to appear regularly at locations including office buildings as well as permitting the establishment of food truck parks similar to the Frisco Rail Yard. The trucks will be regulated according to whether they are set up for a specific event, at a host site or in a food truck park.

Host sites will include places such as office buildings where the trucks may appear regularly to serve employees. In these situations, the food truck must be present only during the business hours of the place hosting it, it must be attended at all times and may not be located at least 300 feet from existing restaurants. Permits for food truck sites would have to be renewed every six months.

Food truck parks will be dedicated areas where a more permanent outdoor dining facility is created with seating, restrooms and a variety of food trucks to choose from. The parks are considered to be more like restaurants in scope and intent. They’ll face stricter regulations than the trucks engaging in temporary service. City council will require food truck parks to be located in commercial zoning districts and to have a specific use permit. The parks would also be required to have waste disposal, restrooms, electricity and an improved parking area.

In all settings, food must be prepared completely inside the trucks, they may not block fire lanes or sidewalks, they must have health permits, they must be mobile, they can’t offer drive-through service or sell items other than food and they must provide a trash receptacle.

Access to a greater variety of dining options will make the Allen area even more attractive to homeowners. Call Landon Homes today at 1-866-898-3603 to find out more about their new homes in Allen TX.

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