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DFW Housing Market Outperforms National Average

The Dallas Fort Worth housing market has historically been one of the healthiest housing markets in the country, and it continues to outperform most of the nation today, even in these challenging times. A strong job market, affordably priced housing, and a business-friendly attitude are among the reasons why the DFW area continues to attract relocation from around the country.

Real estate appreciation levels in the DFW area historically have risen at a steady, but healthy pace without the dramatic price increases that have occurred in other high-growth areas. As a result, Dallas/Fort Worth has escaped the dramatic loss of value that has plagued other areas of the country.

According to the recent PMI U.S. Market Risk Index, the DFW area is among the five least likely regions in the country projected to experience a reduction in housing value of 1 percent or less over the next 24 months.


Interest rates today remain among record low levels, and construction prices are projected to rise in the near future. Savvy homebuyers would be well-served to buy a new home for maximum value and quality.

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