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7 Safety Tips to Remember when Moving to a New Home in Little Elm

Smiling parents with children at homePlanning to buy a new home in Little Elm this year? You couldn’t have picked a better location. Little Elm was recently named the safest city in Texas and the 18th safest city in the U.S. according to the FBI. Little Elm’s police chief credited the good report on the pride homeowners have in their neighborhoods, resulting in reliable reporting of criminal or suspicious activity, as well as the dedicated and highly-trained police force.

Moving into a new neighborhood is a good time to review safety tips with your children. Settling into a new house represents a big change for everyone in the family. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be stressful and cause confusion for children. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Make sure your children learn the phone number and address for their new home in Little Elm as soon as possible. Help them locate their new school and take time to visit it before they start classes.

2. If your children ride a bus to school, visit the bus stop and learn the bus number. Remind them to always stay with other children and report any unusual or confusing incidents to you.

3. Take your children with you to meet your neighbors. This will be a good chance to meet other children in the neighborhood.

4. List emergency phone numbers by your telephone shortly after moving into your new home in Little Elm. Determine who can be available for your children to contact should they need assistance while you’re away from home.

5. Take a walking tour of the neighborhood with your children and help them learn the surrounding streets and main roads by name and landmark. Caution your children about taking shortcuts. Remind them to always stay on the main roads.

6. Remind your children that they must check with you first before going anywhere with new friends they make in the neighborhood. This includes accepting rides from new neighbors or going into their homes.


7. Go over safety rules with your children about what to do when they’re home alone. Remind them to keep doors and windows locked and never open the door for someone they don’t know. They should also check with you first before opening the door when you are home.


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