If we can build the best built home for a family that they can enjoy and make memories in — that excites us!
– John Landon



Thought, I’d take a moment to recognize the exceptional support and efforts all of you had provided to us. Our journey from initial discussions to choosing the right model that suits us was very smooth, Thanks Elmer for your support.

Reviewing our design and structural has been a pleasant journey, Thanks Ana. Special recognition to Christina for helping us with our Kitchen design and providing undivided attention to bring in a good consistent structure to our kitchen cabinets is commendable.

From Pre-release through our construction Adam has been phenomenal, bringing forth his experience in creatively working through some critical challenges (as would with a new model), resolving them with ease and ensuring we received a well finished home, Thank You Adam, 5th bedroom stands out for your creativity.

Thanks to Anita for her consistent updates and support in setting up meetings and schedules.

Elmer, you have a great team and this team has provided the best support driving excellent customer experience !!!

Thanks Landon Homes !

Anil, Jyoti and Yash.
Richwoods Province


What an amazing team you have at Landon Homes!

We moved from California and fell in love with the 745 model as soon as we saw it.

745 had everything we would have wanted in our dream home. But besides that, what made it even better was Elmer’s willingness to make a few changes to the plan to fit our specific needs. This has made us love this home even better. Elmer’s knowledge and detail to precision and guidance pointing out what might work and what might not is amazing. Infact we are amazed of the architectural knowledge and detail each sales team member has. Elmer has always been very caring to our kids as well. Treating them as adults and patiently answering even their doubts made them feel part of the whole process!!!

Thank you so much Christina, your patience while working with us is amazing. Each input you gave has been very valuable and when we are staying in the house we are loving each specific choice. Thanks for working each detail very carefully with us! Everyone loves our kitchen and most of the credit goes to you! The details of the cabinets, helping us with the backsplash, the microwave position etc… We loved working with you.

Ana, we started working more with you more towards the end. But you have always had a smile and you are on finger tips of each process we are going through. We could always fall back on you in Christina’s absence and never felt we had to explain everything all over again. It was amazing on how transparent this team is.

Anita, you are the first one i spoke to when i visited the sales office. From that moment till now, we have been amazed with the hard work you all put in as a team. There are lot of moments that discussions with you helped us. You always had a few moments to say hi and chat a bit making us feel home and answer any doubts we have.

And Adam Shaw!!! Thank you for building this house on time! every single week we visited the site, we were surprised on how fast everything was coming together. There has never been a lag in any process. Thanks for taking extra care to the details we discussed and ensuring each item in the paper work was met. The house was ready and in good condition when we moved in.

Keep up these good work and its the way you all go above and beyond that makes working with you all so much a great experience!

This email was long due. I am glad we finally did it!

Thanks again!

Nisha, Joseph
Mathew, Michael
Richwoods Province

We wanted to take this time to thank all of you for being part in the process of building our beautiful home.
We know this is a little late since we closed back in April but we just got moved in this past weekend.

Thank you to each and every one of you for the time and planning that you put into helping design and build our dream home. We wouldn’t have our beautiful home without your part in this regardless if it was big or small.

Tim and Rod- Without you 2 this whole process would not have started. You two are an awesome team! Thank you so much for being there throughout the whole process and taking the time to make sure we got everything we wanted in our dream home. Y’all are truly amazing people and none of this would have been possible without your constant help, advice, and time. We truly appreciate all that you have done to make our dream home possible.

Mark- Thank you so much for starting the building process for our home. It was a pleasure to work with you at the beginning of our home buying process, even if it was for a short time.

Brian- Thank you for taking over for Mark and completing our home. You were an awesome leader and got things done for us quickly and efficiently. We wouldn’t have our house if it wasn’t for you and your teams hard work and dedication. Thanks for being there to manage the building process and completing our home on time! It was a pleasure working with you!

Danielle- Without you the interior of our house would not be as beautiful as it is. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us pick out the right interior designs. Your suggestions were very helpful and everything turned out very elegant!

Sherry- Thanks for meeting with us and going over our electrical. Without you we would not have lights and outlets in the proper place at our house. We appreciate all of your suggestions, they worked out perfectly.

Once again we really appreciate all that the entire team at Landon Homes has done for us! You all have made our dream home possible. We look forward to many wonderful memories and great times at our new place. We truly appreciate all the time and effort you have put into the entire home process!!

The Patel Family
Niraj, Viku, & Avir | Shiloh Ranch

Susan, Daren and the entire team at Landon – thank you for delivering on the promise of a beautiful home for me and my family.
The entire experience – from start to finish was extremely easy for us and a home of this size with these many customizations and a list of I-wants is not an easy product to deliver with the level of professionalism that you have demonstrated.
Through out the initial sales process and the build, I was impressed with your integrity, customer service and focus on delivering value and a quality home for my family.

Richwoods Country & Landing

My Fiancée and I love our new John Landon Signature Home!
I extend my compliments to everyone at John Landon Signature Homes both for the quality of the home’s workmanship and the entire purchasing process led by Susan Oxley. Unquestionably, the purchase of our home was the most pleasant and easiest residential purchase we have ever made.

We are new to the Dallas area and we were concerned about building a home in a community new to us during challenging economic times. We considered other new communities such as Latera being built by Toll Brothers, however, we ultimately selected Richwoods community because of John Landon Signature Homes’ reputation, sales process and its many years in the home building business. Whenever we inquired about John Landon Signature Homes, no one had any negative comments about the company. We found John Landon Signature Homes’ reputation to be well deserved and earned!

From the moment we first inquired about John Landon Signature Homes, Susan Oxley dropped what she was doing to show us a just completed project that showcased John Landon’s quality and attention to detail. Since that moment we have been ecstatic with the follow-up and process to build the home of our dreams.

We love that John Landon Signature Homes accommodated all of our preferences and designs. Our Builder, Mr. John Hill, has been extremely helpful during the home building process with frequent walk through and provided excellent advice on electrical and plumbing details for the home life style we wanted.

The manner in which John Landon Signature Homes handled our problems were immediate and professional, so we have nothing but praise for the entire John Landon Signature Homes’ team. Our home was finished on time with few punch list items with most of these already flagged by the builder.

Thanks again to Susan, Connie, John and the entire John Landon Signature Homes’ team for building us a home we love. We have told everyone who has asked how pleased we are with our John Landon Signature Home and will continue without hesitation to praise and recommend your company!

Sincerely, Vincent Croom | Richwoods Country & Landing

 My husband and I wanted to let you know about your wonderful warranty rep, Kimberly Anderson. Since last July, we have had multiple issues with repairs/problems in our home, and since Kimberly took over about two months ago, she has been a breath of fresh air. Not only is she incredibly professional and organized, but she, unlike others, communicates with us and follows up on the repairs that are being done. She makes sure that the workers show up on time, calls us if there are any changes, and makes sure each job is done correctly before they leave. Since she has taken over, we have not had any issues because if one came up, she’s on top of it before it becomes one.

You truly have a gem working for you and we are so happy to be finally dealing with someone who is professional, courteous, and has the homeowners interests at best heart.
Thank you
-Reema and Ricky Kalra | Shiloh Lakes

I live in Shiloh Ranch and just wanted to commend Shawn on what an outstanding job he has done. His response time is immediate and he follows it up with a personal touch to ensure we are satisfied. His customer service is outstanding and just feel it is necessary to recognize him. I work in the Customer Service field and find it very relieving he is our warranty/service rep.
– Darrin and Tiff | Shiloh Ranch

We’ve had a totally excellent and comfortable experience with Landon Homes.
It was off to a great start during our meetings with the sales team (Elmer, Christina and Ana ) throughout the purchase and home building process, while Doris in the design center guided us to make the best style and color decisions.  After moving in, every request to Kimberly has been handled in the most professional and friendly manner.

We truly cannot think of any better customer experience during this past year than that of working with Kimberly. She exemplifies the expression going above and beyond.  When something has needed to be repaired Brent and his crew can be relied on to get it done and fixing it right. Purchasing and living in this quality home built by quality people has really been a blessing for our family. We recommend Landon Homes to our friends every chance we get.
– Wahib and Nariman Omran | The Villages at Lakeview

We highly recommend Landon Homes for purchase of a new home. Our entire process from initial sales contact to the final warranty appointment after completion of our house, was extremely professional. The construction of the home is solid and exceeds what you would expect in a new home. Not only were we pleased with our home, but every person that we came in contact with at Landon went out of their way to make us feel like we were a priority to their company.

We felt particularly comfortable with the Leonard and Effie, the sales team at Landon. They have a very approachable attitude and make you feel like they will get anything that you need done. I also want to compliment Landon on the process of informing the customer. Through the entire process, they give pertinent information about the construction, care and maintenance of your home. We appreciated that it wasn’t just once that we heard the info, it came to us from many sources. This is especially important as you move into a new home and there is so much information to process.

Kimberly helped to complete our positive experience with Landon by making us feel like we are still important even though our house has already been built. This is our third new home that we have built and we would have to say that this has been our most satisfying experience with a construction company.
– Alisa Head | Shiloh Ranch

I wanted to write and let you know what a pleasure it is to work with Bill Morrison. We worked with him while our house was being built and now with our 1 year warranty work. He is very professional and knowledgeable. My husband was also a construction manager so I was worried how that was going to work out. Bill was very nice about it and my husband was very happy that the house went so smooth. Bill was always accessible to us and got things done when he said he would. My husband was very impressed with how nice Bill finished out the home.

I want both of you to know that Bill made the whole building process simple and pleasant.
-Betty and Bill Hajek | Dominion at Lakeview

We recently purchased one of the Spec homes (a Southlake model) in the new Austin Ridge at Lonestar Ranch community in Frisco, TX. This is the first new home my wife and I have ever purchased. The way everyone talks, we were expecting a very painful process. Our experience was quite to the contrary. Amanda Sheehan, Dean Liter, and Mark Leath were a pleasure to work with. They made the purchase experience easy and relatively painless.

Amanda was very knowledgeable about the product. She could speak to the environmental standards, the equipment and fixtures in the new home, and what options were available to us. She was also very knowledgeable and informative about the process of completing the home, the steps that needed to be taken, and the timing of those steps. She kept us informed at every step of the process. Additionally, she was very responsive via telephone and email, typically returning my emails with a phone call within minutes of me hitting send. That type of service is very impressive. We only had a little interaction with Dean, but he was also informative and accommodating. Based on our work with Amanda, he is obviously an excellent Sales manager.

Most of all, I would like to make sure that Mark Leath gets some really big kudos. During our walkthrough, we had an issue with some shelves / cubbies in the upstairs bedroom. In our opinion, they did not meet the quality standards of the rest of the house and were not at all what we had envisioned when we had discussed those with Amanda. Our final walkthrough was on Monday and our closing date was scheduled for Thursday. Mark informed us that the cubbies in the room were built according to the plan, but that he understood that it was not what we had in mind according to our discussions with Amanda. Mark rapidly got a finishing carpenter involved, had the shelves / cubbies built as requested, and the dry wall and painting finished up before closing. He built exactly what we had envisioned and still got us to close on time without the need for exception waivers.

In my experience, good service is attained when nothing goes wrong. Great service is defined with how a team handles when things do not go as anticipated. Though the shelves were only a minor issue, Mark and Amanda went out of their way to make sure we were thoroughly satisfied with the home and our home buying. These are assuredly the hallmarks of a team dedicated to providing great customer service. I would hate for their actions to go unnoticed

Though we likely will not be in the home buying market again for quite some time, we will be sure to recommend your team to anyone we know in the market for a new home.

-Jeff Turner | Austin Ridge at Lonestar Ranch

Good afternoon Kimberly and Jay,  Thank you for your past services, it has made purchasing this Landon Home the right choice for us!
– Kathy and Leon Sailer | Willow Bay

We just wanted to say thanks to Landon Homes and especially Amanda Sheehan and Dean Liter for a wonderful overall home building / buying experience. We have built two other homes in the past, and this by far was the best experience we ever had.

Amanda took her time with us, did not pressure us in any way, and showed us what makes Landon Homes different from the rest. We just paid our first electric bill after the bitter cold snap we went through with a smile on our face. This home is the most efficient we have ever lived in! Austin Ridge at Lone Star Ranch is going to be a great neighborhood, and we are really glad we decided to go with such a great company! We really love our new home!
– Karin and Brian Bateman | Austin Ridge at Lonestar Ranch

We are completely satisfied with the recent warranty repairs done on our home. As always, we truly appreciate the level of professionalism and commitment demonstrated by Jay, Kimberly and Landon Homes in scheduling and completing all repairs with such immediacy. The service rep was courteous and friendly, he displayed a thorough understanding of the repair process and was patient enough to explain everything to my wife, she was very pleased.
Martin Palmer – The Villages of Willow Bay

Purchasing a home from Landon Homes has been a privilege for myself and my wife. You delivered my house on time and the quality of the construction and finish work is excellent. At every step all the employees of Landon Homes have been professional, smart and efficient. I truly appreciate the excellence of your team.  [John Landon] has put together a great team.
– Bob Harrison | The Villages of Lakeview

Customer Service is the greatest at Landon Homes!!!  You and Jay are wonderful! Thank you, to you and Jay for all of your service!  We are just loving being a home owner with Landon Homes!!!  We appreciate all of you so much!!!
– David and Jean Davis | Willow Bay

I wanted to let you know about the service I’ve received during the house we purchased at Shiloh Ranch in McKinney. The Sales staff of Leonard & his associate, Scott, and Kimberly have been a pleasure to work with. My wife works with Kirby at Windsor homes and he recommended for us to go look at Landon homes.

This is our 3rd new home, so I wanted to let you know about the Warranty process you have in place, since after the sale is where true Customer service comes to the top. I’ve never had anyone actually come to my house for an orientation, so that was a big plus. I had a list of issues that needed to be addressed, so I liked the idea that I could actually show/discuss these with Kimberly.  I let Kimberly know that my company has laid off a lot of employees, so I needed some flexibility on these repairs, since it’s hard for me to take off.  She is trying everything possible to help me out and I started receiving calls from the subs just a few days after our orientation. I actually sent her and Scott an e-mail the other night at 7:30 pm and she responded within minutes and has always replied promptly.  I just wanted to let you know that Kimberly, along with your process of going to the Customer’s house is a huge asset to your company.
– Greg Burrow | Shiloh Ranch

You guys are by far the most responsive and BEST builders I’ve ever worked with!! You’re awesome! I am a HUGE fan of you and Landon Homes!  Thank you for making the Torres’s dreams come true 🙂
– Carrie Smith | Keller Williams

Good Morning Kimberly,  It was a pleasure working with you Kimberly! You were always professional, courteous and prompt. Good customer service is hard to get and yours was one to harp about! Have an awesome holiday season.
– Chintale Williamson | The Villages at Lakeview

I would like for you to pass on my gratitude to Leonard and his team for delivering our dream home. Leonard, Effie, and Scott were all very helpful and responsive to our every request. We never had a difficult time contacting any of you, and you guys did everything you could to make sure we would get our home.

You know that I searched long and hard to find the the “perfect” floorplan for us. I had been looking for 6 months for a great layout, energy efficiencies, and a lot with more privacy. We got everything we were looking for at the price we could afford. Scott was willing to meet with me and walk the home to address any questions I had. If he ever saw my car at the house, he would stop to say hello. That went a long way with us. Now everytime we wake up and walk in the family room for coffee, we talk about how happy we are with our home. I just wanted to let you know how appreciative we are. Thanks again, and we will see y’all around the neighborhood.
– Happy Holidays.Duwayne and Sarah Carrara | Shiloh Ranch

I wanted to take a minute out of my day to extend my sincere thanks to Kimberly Moore and Brent Rea. Kimberly and Brent are fantastic regarding any matters that I have requested concerning my home. Kimberly and Brent are always professional, prompt and proactive on warranty tickets. They are a dynamic duo!! I would like to mention that Brent exceeded my expectations on a recent request. His willingness to go above and beyond demonstrated his exceptional customer service. He did everything with a smile and good humor. Furthermore, he took the time to explain what is happening and what the next step would be. Kimberly and Brent are truly an asset to Landon Homes.
– George Rosado, III | The Villages at Lakeview

I just received our first electric bill for one full month in our new home. I thought the results would be very interesting for you and your team.

To qualify this comparison… Our old house was built in 2003, so was relatively new with an Air Conditioner that was in good professionally maintained condition. The home was a one story 1,900 square foot house with some raised ceilings, but none over 10 feet. As you know, our new home is 3066 square feet, and has very tall ceilings throughout Both houses were in Little Elm (only two miles apart), and both experienced a similar average outside maximum temperature of about 90 degrees. Both homes electricity were provided by CoServ.

Last year in our old home during the 30 days metered in June/July we used 2076 KWh of electricity. This year, in our new Landon home during the 30 days metered in June/July we only used 1659 KWh of electricity. This came out to a savings of $53.96 over our older home.

Old House June to July from 2006 – 2009 (1900 sqft)

  • 2006 – 1728 KWh (average outside temp 95)
  • 2007 – 1730 KWh (average outside temp 86)
  • 2008 – 2050 KWh (average outside temp 90)
  • 2009 – 2076 KWh (average outside temp 94)
  • 4 Year Average – 1896 KWh (average outside temp 91)

New Landon House June to July 2010 – 3066 sq ft

  • 2010 – 1659 KWh (average outside temp 91)

You can see an increase over the years in the old home, but even in 2006 when the home was only 2 years old the electrical usage was still higher than our new Landon home.

My wife and I were definitely impressed by the amount of energy saving amenities that Landon has incorporated into their homes. We had anticipated seeing a higher electric bill in the new home strictly due to the larger size, but had figured the increase would be minimal due to these energy saving factors. I would have never imagined that a house with 1166 more of square footage would have a lower electric bill.

Thank you again for working for a great company like Landon Homes! I will continue to recommend them to all of my friends in the market for a new home!
– Robert and Jennifer Anderson | The Villages at Lakeview

I wanted to let you know how wonderful a team you have working under you. Kimberly did an excellent job in checking in with me to see how things are going, and did whatever she could to make things go smoother. She always made herself available if I had any questions, and was prompt in responding which I definitely appreciated. Brent did a great job as well. He was always on top of things in coordinating the install process, and kept me informed on the schedule/timeline daily. I was very pleased working with the two of them. They are a true asset to the Landon Team! Have a good day!
– Julian Minnard | Dominon at Lakeview

“Brent Rea has been excellent at customer service. Big asset for Landon Homes. Kimberly and Brent have been SUPERIOR.”
– Mr. Sevilla | The Villages at Willow Bay

My decision to buy a Landon Home was based solely on the quality of construction offered by Landon Homes. The homes are built better by design and the quality is superior to other builders.  Customer service at Landon Homes far exceeds my expectations. Elmer Carino and Kimberly Moore have made buying a home a pleasurable experience.
– Danny Saunders | The Villages at Lakeview

Our experience with the Landon Homes team was an extraordinary experience. From the moment that we walked in our wants and needs were a priority. Elmer Carino and his sales team was our first contact in beginning our purchase and it was a pleasure dealing with them. They went above and beyond to make sure we got into our home. We will recommend Landon Homes to any family and friends looking for a home.
– Lisa & Mark Price | The Villages at Lakeview

It has been a great pleasure to purchase one of your homes.  They are beautiful and the finish work is outstanding. I would like to add that it has also been great working with all your employees. They have all been professional, fun, patient, smart and a real joy to work with.  Special thanks to Elmer, Christina, Kimberly, Martin and Anna. You have put together a GREAT team, which speaks to outstanding leadership on your part. Good job to all of you. Best Wishes for a successful 2010!
– Bob & Maria Harrison | Lakeview

We have been so impressed with our sales manager Elmer Carino and the construction manager Jason Anderson. Everyone has made the purchase of our beautiful new home a pleasure. It is wonderful to work with such honest professional people.
– Linda Goins – Lakeview