Road Map

The purchase of a new home is exciting. It is the place you will raise your family, send kids off to college or just enjoy precious time with loved ones.

The experience can also be a little daunting, especially if you haven’t done it before. At Landon Homes, a premier home builder in Frisco TX, we have a process that is easy to understand. We have experts that include highly informative sales teams, award winning designers and top-notch construction managers that lead you along the road to becoming the homeowner of a beautiful new Landon or John R Landon Home.

Understanding some of the process helps to be a little more knowledgeable about what is to come. Below you will find some of the key stops you will make along the journey.

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Purchase Agreement

Once the decision has been made to purchase a Landon or John R Landon Home you will execute and sign a purchase agreement. This is a contract between you and Landon Homes regarding the description and location of the home in question. Upon completion of these documents the sales team will submit them to the corporate office for approval. This process can take up to five (5) business days. You will be notified once the purchase agreement has been approved.


Loan Application

After you have submitted your Purchase Agreement you will apply for your loan to get “pre-approved”. The first step in understanding your “Purchasing Power” is finding out the amount of money you can borrow. The mortgage company will be able to tell you what types of programs they offer, down payment amounts, interest rates, incentives, and how much you can borrow towards the home purchase. The mortgage company will issue a pre-approval Loan Commitment Letter upon approval. At Landon Homes we have Supreme Lending standing by to assist you with this process. The application process is easy. You can do it directly from the Landon Homes website by selecting the loan officer assigned to you. Communication is key during this process, so be sure to get them the documents they require to execute this in a timely manner.


Final Structural Meeting

Approximately fourteen (14) days after you sign your purchase agreement you are required to meet again with your sales team. In this meeting you will finalize the structural items you would like to have in the home. This can include stone on the front elevation, adding a bedroom, bathroom, media room,  or even something as simple as a butler’s pantry and/or snack bar in the game room. If the option is available to add, now is the time to add it. At this meeting we will also collect any remaining earnest money due.


Making Choices - The Design Gallery

This next step can be a little overwhelming; however, you are in great hands and the designers will help and guide you along the way. The Design Gallery will call you to schedule your two (2) appointments to select the finishes your home will have. From carpet to paint this is where you will personalize the home to suit the look and feel you want. For more detail on this process visit our Design Gallery page. During the same period you will meet with the electrical and home theatre companies, to ensure your home is getting all the wants and must haves for you and your family from a technical aspect. Upon completion of these meetings/appointments your selections are final.


Pre-Release Meeting

Once your selections have been made with the various companies, your sales team will set a time to review, complete and finalize the remaining paperwork. This is called the pre-release meeting. Once you have completed this meeting and all documents have been submitted, we will send your home plans for permitting with the city. This process can take several weeks before the actual groundbreaking of your new home takes place. This is your chance to take a breath and get ready for the next stop on the journey, “The Build”.


Pre-Construction Meeting

About a week prior to your home starting we will set a time for you to once again meet with your sales team, although this time, you will also be meeting your construction manager. This is called the pre-construction meeting. Your construction manager is the expert in charge of managing the build of your new Landon home. This visit is a chance for the whole team to get on the same page and talk through the way your home will be built, the steps and timing involved in that process and confirm your selections. This is also your chance to ask any questions you may have regarding the next few months. Check out our Under Construction page to get a quick overview of the steps to come during the process.


During Construction

This process can sometimes be stressful; however, you will have a direct line to your construction manager so you can ask questions along the way. New homes are built by human hands, and humans make errors, and while we do try to avoid this, sometimes it is inevitable. Please understand that an error can be fixed. Your home will undergo many inspections by the city you are building in, our energy experts and third party inspectors to ensure the home is being built to the correct standards. The build process can take anywhere from 4-8 months (or more) depending on the size of the home and selections to be added. We can not guarantee a closing date at the start of construction because homes are built in the elements and we cannot control what mother nature has planned. Your construction manager will stay in touch with you and give you weekly updates as the home is under construction. Approximately 45 days before the home is set to complete we will send you a letter sharing that information, so you can start preparing for your closing and the move.


Homeowner Orientation

When your home is complete it will be internally inspected by our quality assurance, sales, construction, and management teams. Our teams will walk your home to make sure it looks and feels great and operates at maximum efficiency. You will then be contacted by your construction manager/sales team to schedule your Homeowner Orientation. The purpose of your orientation is to review your homes features, learn how things operate, meet your warranty manager, review the warranty coverage that comes with the home, and to understand the proper care and maintenance of your home. Upon completion of this process you will sign to “accept” your new Landon home and head to closing at your allotted time.


Closing Escrow

Your “Certificate of Occupancy” is a signal to start the count down to closing. You have ten (10) business days from the time this certificate has been issued to complete the orientation and head to the title company to sign the closing documents. Your sales manager will assist you in scheduling the closing time and day. The only other thing to do now is collect your keys from your sales team once your loan has funded.


Welcome Home

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a new Landon or John R. Landon home. We welcome you to the Landon family. The first month or so your will be test driving your new home. Be sure to let us know how things are going and if we can be of any help don’t hesitate to ask.

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