If you are part of the Toyota relocation to the great state of Texas, we have a special gift for you.

It’s a beautiful collection of photos that illustrate all the interesting places and things in the Lone Star state. It’s just a taste of the darn good life that we believe Texas offers you and your family.

It’s a welcome gift from us to you. If you are moving with Toyota from Torrance CA, Erlanger KY or New York NY, simply complete the form below and the book “Texas” from the America the Beautiful series will be mailed directly to your home.

It’s our way of saying howdy, ya’ll!

Let us introduce you to Texas!
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To receive the book “Texas”, you must be a relocating Toyota employee, moving from either the Torrance, CA, Erlanger, KY or New York, NY offices to the new headquarters location in Plano, TX. Simply register and provide a home address within 50 miles of one of the three Toyota offices referenced above and the book “Texas” will be mailed to your home. Supplies are limited. So respond now to get your book while our supply lasts. You must be 18 years or older and able to enter into a legal contract. Limit one book per household. This offer ends March 31, 2015.